How to become a position trader
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How to become a position trader

There are many ways to trade the Forex market. Those who have extensive skills in the trading industry can make a consistent profit since they know the perfect way to manage risk exposure. If you look at the naïve traders in Hong Kong you will understand why they are losing most of the trades. To become a position trader, you should maintain some basic rules. Let’s learn some amazing techniques by which we can become a position trader in the Forex market.

Get ready to demo trade the market

You must learn to demo trade in the market before you think about making big profits. Those who don’t have the demo trading experience loses most of the trades. Taking too much risk in each trade is more like dealing with the complex market condition without having any protective measures. So, if you start using the demo account, you can develop your skills without losing any real money. Think about the long term goals and try to learn from the mistakes you commit in the demo environment. Once you learn the details of this market, you can easily make a decent profit.

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Trade with the major swing

You must learn the details of the swing trading method to become good at trading. Ignoring the swing trading strategy is one of the key reasons for which the naïve traders are losing the trades. Being a new trader in the options trading industry, you might not understand the core concept of swing trading strategy. This is nothing but placing the trades with managed risk in the higher time frame. By using the key swings you can also execute quality trades at the key retracement levels. But don’t think you can win all the trades by learning to use the Fibonacci retracement tools. It will just act as a helping tool to become good at a position trading method.

Trade multiple assets

As a position trader, you must learn to trade multiple assets. If you trade one or two assets, it would be tough to find some good trades. But once you start to learn about multiple assets, you can make a huge profit without having any issues. Things are not so hard and you can learn to trade the multiple assets with a great level of ease. But make sure you limit the risk factors based on your open position. Some of the traders often have more than 5 open positions with a 2% risk in each of the trade. They are taking more than 10% risk by trading multiple assets. No matter how many trades you have open, your overall risk factors should never exceed 4%.

Start using the trading journal

To become a professional position trader, you must start using the trading journal. A trading journal keeps track of the important trades and allows you to learn from your mistakes. Most importantly, it works like a checklist. Those who are having problem with overtrading should use the trading journal. It will eliminate the problem of overtrading and develop your discipline level. But things might become challenging for the new traders as they don’t have enough patience to trade with the basic rules of investment. So, if you want to keep your trading capital safe, make sure you are not taking too much risk. And follow the trading journal as it helps you to trade in an organized way.

Trade with the news

The position traders must learn fundamental analysis. It helps them to ride the market trend. If you ignore the major news, it will be hard for you to execute quality trades at the complex market condition. Things might sound interesting to the new traders but news factors are a very powerful catalyst in the Forex market. Unless you analyze the major news, you can’t stick to trade for more than one day. To develop your news analysis skills to become a profitable trader.