03 Mar, 2024
3 mins read

Shareholder Activism in Today’s Markets

Shareholder activism has become increasingly prevalent in today’s markets as investors seek to influence corporate decision-making and hold companies accountable for their actions. This form of activism allows shareholders to voice their concerns and push for changes that they believe will enhance the long-term value of their investments. What is Shareholder Activism? Shareholder activism can […]

4 mins read

The Crucial Role of Discipline in Your Trading Account

Discipline is the cornerstone of success in trading. It is the ability to adhere to your trading plan, control your emotions, and maintain a consistent approach. Developing discipline is essential for achieving long-term profitability and minimizing costly mistakes. In this blog, we will explore the importance of discipline in your online trading account and provide […]

3 mins read

Automated trading explained – everything you need to know about trading bots

Automated trading has become increasingly popular among traders of all kinds of financial assets such as crypto, commodities stocks, futures, etc. Thanks to their features, traders worldwide manage to make decent profits on the side by trading while staying committed to their regular jobs. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or a professional. […]