Different Types Of Documents And Services Offered By Translation Companies:
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Different Types Of Documents And Services Offered By Translation Companies:

Translation companies offer their services for document translation in various countries throughout the world. They have a qualified team of translators for this purpose. If you need to send your document Thailand for translation, they have reliable companies for documents translation services in “”Sukhumvit”” (รับแปลเอกสาร สุขุมวิท, which is the term in Thai), you can take their services for high-quality work. The translation companies can translate any document in a short period with a zero percent chance of damaging your work.

Types Of Document A Translation Company Can Be Translated:

A good and trustworthy translation company can translate all the types of documents without any mistake in a short period. Here is the list of that documents available.

  • Legal documents include Contracts, Memorandum, Power of Attorney, Government Regulations, Accusations, Court Verdicts, MOU, Research project.
  • Technical documentation include Service Documentation-Machinery, Certification, Staff Contract.
  • Advertising Documents included Brochures, leaflets, flyers, websites, advertising words.
  • Research documents consist of abstract, thesis, report, textbook, academic material, Medical research documents.
  • They also prof read or edit the translated document to avoid any grammatical errors that could be occured during the translation process.

Services Provided By Translation Companies:

The translation companies serve their client in two ways. One is online, you can take their services by using their websites. Send them your document online, and they will translate your document and send you back your documents.

In some cases, you need to send the original document for translation purposes. In this scenario, you have to go physically to these companies and take their services.

They will guide you about the translation process, their fee payment procedure, and the time limit of that document translation. Some types of the document take a few hours, and some documents need a proper process, and these documents can take a few days or a few weeks as well to translate.