Documents You Need to Start Your Construction Project
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Documents You Need to Start Your Construction Project

Before starting any construction project, you need to make sure that you have all of your documents ready and all of your details in place. Important documents like contracts, plans and estimates are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to paperwork needed for a successful construction project.


Contracts are probably one of the most important documents needed. This is where you want all of the terms and regulations to be listed. You always want a well drafted and clear contract that is full of all the details. The more detailed the contract, the more likely you will be able to avoid disputes. A construction contract is between the owner and contractor and is essential to every construction project. Details in the construction contract should cover all basis like payment details, timeline and what should happen if a dispute does arise. Also, include the scope of work, detailed plans, a list of supplies and materials used along with a list of workers and people involved in the project. To get started, an experienced Phoenix construction law attorney can help you draft and review construction contracts.

Special Conditions

There are times when changes occur during the project and this would be considered a special condition. Usually an extension to the contract, all special conditions like any amendments to the project needs to be noted. This will help prevent any disputes and legal issues from arising once the project is finished.


On top of specific written plans, detailed drawings of the plans are also needed. Drawings should lay out a detailed, visual plan to avoid any misinterpretations or confusion.

Schedule & Estimate

If the schedule or estimate is not listed in the contract, it needs to be included somewhere in the documents. The schedule should be a full timeline, including deadlines. An estimate will list the cost of supplies and labor. An added section on what should happen if payment is not made should also be included. Also, what will happen if there are any delays in the project.

Licenses and Insurances

In your documents, always include important forms like proof of insurance and licenses.

MKC Law Firm

MKC Law Firm specializes inĀ Arizona construction law and has a skilled team available to help you with your construction project. Our knowledgeable attorneys will ensure all documents are in place and can also help draft, review and complete contracts and other needed documents for your construction project.