5 Wise Ways to Invest Your Money in 2018/2019
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5 Wise Ways to Invest Your Money in 2018/2019

To make a sound investment decision, you need to have access to relevant resources so that you make an informed decision. Investing in the commercial real estate can be quite challenging due to the high risk involves but when you find the right investment, you are assured of high returns too. Ensure that before you invest, the ROI for the investment you choose makes sense.

  1. Commercial Property Development

Developing commercial property in the real estate is an investment with the highest risk as well as the highest reward. Because such projects are challenging and long-term, you need to have experience and understand the right procedure of going about it. Whether you are developing an apartment complex or office buildings, you should know your target market. For successful property development, you need to get acquainted with all the steps involved;

  • Planning
  • Approval
  • Financing
  • Construction
  • Leasing
  1. Real Estate Acquisition

Acquiring a property that has already been developed is less risky than developing one from the ground. Consider purchasing one that has steady cash flow and works towards increasing your profits. Boosting the property’s valuation should be your end game. Hire professionals to manage and lease the property. The only risk when it comes to property acquisition is mismanagement that can lead to huge losses.

  1. Private Equity

If you don’t have much experience in the commercial real estate market, but you still have an interest in investing, private equity is the place for you. Consider hiring an expert to manage your finances through the commercial real estate. Investing in a private fund is much less risky than acquiring and developing commercial property. Here, you work with a limited partner who has a team of investors that ensure capital increase. This is a long-term investment plan as it takes time before you enjoy liquidity.

  1. Investment Trust

REITs are either public traded or non-traded; you get to invest without buying property. Both of these systems are set up as corporates where there is a board of directors who represent stakeholders. This is a familiar investment structure that does not need you to have experience in real estate. With such an investment, there is a clear exit path.

  1. Online Investing

This is a new phenomenon in the commercial real estate scene. There are investment platforms, and for each, you are required to set up an account and deposit. The interactive platforms let you choose what you can invest. Because it is digitalised, you get updates on the performance of your investment.


For you to successfully invest in the commercial real estate, you need to have accurate knowledge and know the fields in which you will thrive. Consider working with a consultant who has experience in the commercial real estate. To succeed, you need patience and skill, not to forget access to accurate information. Ensure that your investment balances the risk and reward so that you don’t run loses.