What Is The Process Like In CNC Machining?
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What Is The Process Like In CNC Machining?

Here is what the process is like in CNC machining:

  1. Prepare Semi-Finished Products

Raw material, so-called semi-finished products, is required for CNC machining. These are mainly bars for turning and saw cuts in the form of plates for milling. Depending on the quantity, material, and size, the semi-finished products are either cut in our sawmill or purchased from an external material dealer.

  1. Set Up The CNC Machine

Setting up the CNC machine in machining center for instance is an essential requirement for CNC machining. To manufacture CNC parts, the clamping of the semi-finished products and the tools such as milling cutters, drills, turning tools, etc., must be prepared. The choice of clamping is mainly made depending on the geometry of the semi-finished product and the contour of the finished part to be achieved. Further factors are the machining paths of the tools on the workpiece in the machine and the forces expected during machining.

Particularly in the case of complex components, for example, during milling, it may be necessary to make special clamping jaws beforehand. This requires a lot of experience and good preparation. The geometry of the turning or milling tools can either be measured with a tool presetting measuring device or directly in the machine.

  1. Program The CNC Machine

The program for machining, the so-called NC program, specifies how a finished CNC part is produced from the semi-finished product with the help of the equipped tools. Depending on the complexity, the time required for programming varies between a few minutes and several hours. Editor programs and CAM software (Computer-Aided Manufacturing Software: computer-aided manufacturing) can help to accelerate and simplify the programming effort. Every work step can be programmed digitally with the help of a 3D model.

  1. Adjustment Of The CNC Machine

After the CNC program has been created and read in by the machine, the first component can be manufactured. Here, the NC program is run for the first time under the supervision of an employee. Any errors in the program can be eliminated, or corrections, such as for drilling depths, can be carried out.

  1. Production Approval Through Quality Inspection

After the first component has been manufactured, the dimensions are checked using the technical drawing. For this purpose, various common measuring and testing equipment and different measuring machines are used in our measuring room.

  1. Manufacture CNC Parts

When all the preparation work steps have been completed, the production of the CNC parts begins. Various factors determine the manufacturing time of the components. The material essentially determines the time required for machining. The requirement for a certain surface quality also impacts the production time.