How to Make Your Packaging Eye-Catching
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How to Make Your Packaging Eye-Catching

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Packaging should excite potential customers and stand out amongst other products on the shelf, making it easier for you to make sales. However, when every possible product is vying for attention, then this can be a difficult process.

This post, courtesy of the packaging experts at Kendon Packaging, will take you through the ways in which you can make your packaging stand out amongst the competition and communicate your brand’s image and beliefs to reach your target audience.

Pick an appropriate colour

Settling on an appropriate shade or hue that communicates your brand’s ethos can be a tricky process. Major brands spend a lot of time and money choosing colours, adhering to the accepted wisdom that darker colours evoke luxury, and brighter hues communicate a more vibrant and fun atmosphere.

Picking an appropriate side of this divide is vital. A children’s smoothie company, for example, should definitely opt for a bright and zesty colour scheme, avoiding dark shades that would be more suited for an up-market cologne.

Find a stand-out font

Clearly communicating what your product does is vital if you are to carve out a niche in any market. A crisp and clear typeface on your packaging is essential if your product is to cut through the visual noise of the supermarket shelf.

Sans-serif, modern fonts are incredibly popular amongst companies that want to communicate a contemporary aesthetic, while faux handwriting can be a winner in markets that value a home-made, rustic aesthetic – think of the Bonne Maman jam brand as an example.

Make your postal packaging pop

Your customers should be enthused by your packaging, no matter what form it takes. This includes postal packaging, which should evoke a sense of excitement when the postman delivers it through the door.

Amazon’s logo is ubiquitous and present on all its cardboard boxes – and there’s no reason why your company can’t ape this to a certain extent. While your budget may not stretch to bespoke boxes, some eye-catching custom packing tape could be a way to communicate your brand without breaking the bank.

Go eco-friendly

Aesthetics is only half the battle in the struggle for packaging supremacy – you could also make your brand stand out by opting for an eco-friendly packaging solution. Your brand could find leverage by following the example of Just Water, a water brand eschewing plastic bottles in favour of recyclable, paper-based packaging.

Opting for such a strategy is risky, as customers won’t necessarily trust a different type of packaging, but once the eco-credentials are made clear, your brand will become the ethical choice and other companies will have to catch up. This is an enviable position for any brand to be in and should be aimed for if your company has the capital to match such ambition.

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We hope this post has been an informative resource to help you with your business’s packaging journey and growth. If you have faith in your product to win over customers, then deciding on your packaging should be easy, once you’ve taken these tips on board.