How To Find Out The Nearest Network Hospital on Caringly Yours App?
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How To Find Out The Nearest Network Hospital on Caringly Yours App?

An insurance company’s network of hospitals is one of the most important aspects to consider while buying family medical insurance. They are medical care facilities that have a tie-up with your insurance provider.

When there is a medical emergency, all we can think about is getting the patient to the hospital immediately so that the treatment can begin as soon as possible.

Arranging for money at this crucial moment is time-consuming and stressful. The main benefit of network hospitals is that admitting patients is easy, and there’s no need to worry about money.

When you buy health insurance online or offline, a list of hospitals is provided along with the policy document and terms & conditions. You can get cashless medical care at any of these affiliated hospitals.

A non-network hospital is one that your insurance company does not list. If you choose to go to a hospital, not in your network, you will have to pay the whole bill out of pocket and then claim reimbursement from your health insurance provider.

How do network hospitals work?

Once a patient is admitted to a network hospital, they must submit a claim form to the TPA to receive cashless insurance coverage. After verifying the cashless claim, the patient gets permission to seek hospital care.

Insurance would cover all hospital expenditures, and the patient would not be required to pay anything upon discharge. Also, the patient would not be required to provide any paperwork or bills, and there would be no waiting time to receive the claim. However, if the policy terms do not cover specific costs, the insurance company will not pay for it.

It can be very challenging to locate a network hospital of your family medical insurance provider in close proximity to your location. It is significantly more daunting when you are already grappling with the fear and anxiety of handling patients fighting for their life. You can easily forget the list of preferred network hospitals you hand in mind in trying times. Well, not anymore. Popular healthcare mobile apps, like Bajaj Allianz’s Caringly Yours app, have you covered. 

The Locate Us feature of the app helps to find the closest possible network hospital within seconds. You can log in to the app and tap on the locate us tab to search for a hospital. * Standard T&C Apply

Characteristics of the Locate Us tab on the Caringly Yours app:

  1.  Google maps: The technology used to locate network hospitals is Google maps, so it is easy to understand and navigate.
  2. Extremely reliable and accurate: Since Google maps provide real-time data, the information provided is accurate
  3. Pin code search: It lets you search by pin code, so all possible network medical institutions in the vicinity are visible in one go
  4. Directions: At times like these, the driver panics and forgets the way to even the most famous hospitals; therefore, the Google map feature of driving directions come in handy
  5. Saves time: In crucial moments, where every second counts, finding the closest possible hospital to rely on with just a tap can be a lifesaver. 

* Standard T&C Apply

To conclude, cashless claims are one of the most significant health insurance benefitsand network hospitals significantly make life easier. Finding a network hospital in an instant is now possible thanks to the Caringly Yours app

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