Checklist Before Going on Your First Lockdown Road Trip
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Checklist Before Going on Your First Lockdown Road Trip

The Philippines is still implementing quarantine protocols and other restrictions to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus. As the COVID-19 cases descended, the government downgraded their protocols, allowing Filipinos to do certain activities. These pursuits include going on road trips and visiting destinations during the pandemic.

Before heading on your first road trip despite the ongoing pandemic, there are several things you should do.

Checklist for the preparation of your trip:

First, ensure that your vehicle is optimal for road trips to avoid minor or major accidents. It would help secure your car components by getting a trusted mechanic to check them. Also, let the technician inspect the battery, lights, oil, water, and brake air – even you can check them yourself.

It is necessary to check your health for a road trip, too. If you are tired, sleepy, and unwell, it might be unsafe for you to drive. It would be better to have someone who can take the wheel for you to ensure safety.

Secondly, plan your destination while applying restrictions. For your safety, it would be better to choose a not popular place with tourists. Also, think about the route of your planned trip by anticipating potential road problems so you can find alternative directions. Ensure that your path is convenient for gas stations and restaurants to take a break. A 15-minute rest would be enough every two or three hours of driving.

Moreover, book your accommodation in advance for your long trips. You may look for places that are COVID-safe online by checking websites or calling travel arrangements. In that way, you can get additional information about the processes and facility crowdedness, and cell reception strength. 

Of course, you need to bring along portable chargers, signal boosters for mobile, water, and snacks for long drives. Aside from that, you should also include pandemic necessities like alcohol, disinfecting wipes, and face masks. 

Lastly, it is ideal when you get insurance. Car insurance Philippines protects you and your vehicle when driving long distances. Although defensive driving is a habit, there is no assurance for your safety on the roads. If you are going with your motorcycle, insurance helps for financial security as it covers unexpected events. Motorcycle insurance Philippines will protect you from overspending on repairs or replacement costs for damage caused by accidents. 

You make the right choice when purchasing car or motorcycle insurance before going on a trip. So, during your much-awaited adventure, insurance helps you avoid costly expenses when an accident happens along your way. It does not only protect you but also your family members and other passengers. 

For a long trip checklist, you may refer to this infographic from– a leading insurance comparison site in the Philippines.