The Five Typical Personalities On The Forex Trading Forums
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The Five Typical Personalities On The Forex Trading Forums

The forex trading forums provide an opportunity for traders to access a real community and connect with thousands of other traders, which allows among others to get an analysis of what others see in financial markets and how they approach them to speculate and make money. You are probably wondering what kinds of trader is it possible to meet on these platforms.

The Beginner

It is relatively simple to identify this type of trader; usually, he lands on the trading forums his head full of ideas about trading, most of them are also incorrect, it can very often be myths about forex trading. The novice trader tends to practice trading on the demo account; he likes the high leverage offered by forex brokers and appreciates short-term speculation (scalping) the idea of making quick money.

The Boastful

The booster on the trading forums is a trader who will usually find a loophole in anyone’s trading plan or strategy, this type of trader goes after the analysis and traders presented by other novice traders as well and experienced. The boastful trader likes to show how much money he makes (and how much you do not win). You should know that this kind of trader likes lies; usually, these boastful traders speculate only on demo accounts after losing their money for one reason or another on their real money trading account.

The Troll

The troll is not even an individual who could be characterized as a real trader, he tends to say useless things, to lead passionate discussions about a subject external to trading according to his inspiration, the troll on the forums is a person who is simply bored and has time to lose.

The Passionate Editor

This other type of trader is usually a good guy who will try to explain in detail his decisions on the financial markets, his trading plan. This kind of trader masters public speaking, he is a person who knows how to talk and who likes to converse, he is in a philosophical perspective, he wants to share and transcribe on the forums his experiences of trading on the financial markets and willingly help his similar.

The Dreamer

The dream trader always tries new trading strategies, either found on the internet or done by himself. Changing the trading strategy every week is not a problem since this new strategy “works for sure! “ The dreamer also tends to overload his graphics, he likes to install all kinds of technical indicators on his trading platform, indicators that prove very often useless and contradict each other or deliver false signals, though best binary software doesn’t give false signals.

On the forex trading forums, you are sure to meet quite interesting personalities, a lot of the traders are looking for the Holy Grail and believe in Forex myths, the advantages of Forex trading forums are many, these forums can uncover new ideas, offer yours and get the perspective of other traders.