Positive review on the services of Shopalu
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Positive review on the services of Shopalu

Shopalu provides a better US mailing address for user, to purchase from those particular sites which do not supply goods all over the world. Basically Shopalu service gives a platform by proving address so that you can purchase your desired goods. This service is useful for all the customers from all over the world. Shopalu LLC is a company that gives a platform to shop the products from overseas brands without paying extra shipping charges.

Various services given by Shopalu

Physical mailing address facility: The service gives you a mail address for gaining your order from the site from where you want to buy. Shopalu.us basically works as a mediator in between you and that particular websites that does not supply all over the world.  By this, you can get all the parcels delivered to your doorstep at reduced cost.

Less shipping charges: This service offers you to get your parcels by paying fewer amounts. Sometimes people get uncomfortable to shop with such kind of sites that takes a lot of shipping charges. So, as a solution you can take the advantages of its services to have a better shipping experience. In shipping service, only the online service platforms like Shiply can compete with it in quality and pricing.

You can rent a mailbox: The facility of taking a rent box will help you to communicate with the website from where are buying. The communication will help you to get good deal with website. You can also clear all your misconception and doubt of your desired product.

Mail Compression: Suppose you want to buy from more than one websites then this service will make all your mails related to order in a compressed form so that you can get a single parcel. That will be helpful in managing all the stuff and also it’s helpful in smooth delivery.

Repackaging of goods for less weight: generally, it is seen that many online sites deliver the order that includes unnecessary packaging. This site provides the service of repackaging in it they reduces the waste packaging gives the secure packaging with less weight.

Procurement service: This service plays an important role in transaction. Many sites are available which offer payment only for US. So, with the help of procurement service you can make easy payments. Here the company will pay on your behalf. So, there is no need to get troubled for getting the payment done as these sites generally do not accept cards of some other country. You can pay the service provider as a whole later.