19 Apr, 2024
2 mins read

“Breaking Barriers: Dr. Philip Sobash’s Advocacy for Accessible Care”

Dr. Philip Sobash stands at the forefront of a crucial movement, tirelessly advocating for the dismantling of barriers that obstruct access to essential mental health care. His unyielding commitment and advocacy efforts have become a beacon of hope for countless individuals navigating the labyrinthine challenges of mental health support accessibility. In Dr.Sobash’s impassioned pursuit, he […]

3 mins read

Explained: Standard Exclusions And Waiting Periods In A Health Insurance Policy

Have you ever experienced having a health insurance policy and not processing your claim? The usual exclusions or waiting periods outlined in the insurance may cause the claim to be denied in some circumstances. Therefore, it is recommended to choose “what is not included in the coverage of the policy” instead of “what is included […]

3 mins read

Health Insurance Companies Lure Millennials With Innovative Plans

To entice younger clients to buy health insurance, health insurance companies are creating intriguing ideas. To persuade consumers to get insurance, they are providing more flexible and individualised insurance plans, such as OPD coverage, maternity plans, and mental health coverage.  Health insurance companies have recognised that young adults, particularly those aged 35 to 40, constitute […]